Welcome Home, Stars & Stripes Presents: 
Reflections of History 1860 - Present" 

  A  MILITARY LIVING HISTORY EVENT, Sponsored by the 6th Corps Living History Group St Louis, MO




A Unique Timeline covering the years of the Stars & Stripes paper: Civil War,World War I, World War II to Present

15-18 OCTOBER 2015


9AM - 2PM



$5 per car load

FREE to Re-enactors

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Missouri Veterans Cemetery at Bloomfield, MO


St Louis Living Historian Richard Ford will speak on the African American Experience during WW II and on the History of the Missouri State Guard During WW II.

11:00: Guest speaker Richard Ford with a conversation on the Missouri State Guard in WW II

2:00:  Guest Speaker Richard Ford with a conversation on African American troops in combat during WW II



Welcome Home, Stars & Stripes Presents: Reflections of History, 1860 - Present




Welcome to a new Stars and Stripes Event, “Welcome Home” Stars and Stripes Presents: Reflections of History, 1860 - Present.  With this 3rd Annual Event we hope to bring to our visitors and supporters and the Communities of Stoddard County a new experience in Living History and a new awareness of the importance of the Stars and Stripes legacy. 

On 16 October 2015 the Stars & Stripes Museum will Host an Education Day were local schools can visit the displays and talk with re-enactors.

On 17 October 2015, you will have an opportunity to experience a unique Military Living History Timeline located on the Stars & Stripes Museum Grounds.  The Timeline will represent the actual conflicts during which the Stars & Stripes was printed, the Civil War, World War One, World War Two upto the present.  

There will be special programs throughout the day and activities provided by the Museum to be announced later.

There will be food vending on site.

Watch here for announcements and updates as the Event develops

Thank you,

The Staff of the Stars and Stripes National Military Museum & Library    


 Re-enactor information


This is the 3rd Annual "Welcome Home" event sponsored by the 6th Corps LHG STL MO.  This year the Museum will host a unique Timeline of the years the Stars & Stripes was issued. HRS safety and authenticity rules will be enforced.

We are looking for Civil War, World War One, World War Two, Korea, Viet Nam, Cold War, Panama, Grenada. Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom and other conflicts of the Modern era.  

Horses and Military vehicles are welcome.


The museum will provide bottled water, fire wood, Johnny on the Spots, a water spigot and Breakfast on Saturday.


Camp set up can begin @12noon on Oct 15

Open to Schools: 10am - 2pm Oct 16, set-up continues all day

Open to the public, 8:30am, Memorial Service

Open to the public: All camps and displays @ 9am – 5pm Oct 17

Camp sites cleared by 12 noon Oct 18


There will be weapons demonstrations, equipment and uniform talks, camp displays.  If any Unit would like to put on a skit in there camp or put on a little show, let us know.  Pre-registration will be used as a head count for the FREE Saturday morning breakfast.  There is space for special displays in the Barn, see Event Information for Details.


Check back for more information as the event develops.


6th Corps Living History Group



GI Dressup, Education Day

17 October History Search, a school age activity. 

Each child attending will be given a questioner on
 WW II Historic facts. There will be several questions on the sheet and the answers will be found by talking to the Re-enactors.  Upon completion of the questioner, the child will receive a Certificate of Achievement.   


The Stars and Stripes National Military Museum & Library

P.O. Box 1861

Bloomfield, Missouri


Birthplace of "The Stars and Stripes"